A full suite of integrated solutions for your farm management needs.

Herd Recording

Kingswood Mobile is an App which runs on phone, tablet or PC. It focuses on compliancy records and key aspects of dairy/beef management.

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Now with option to connect to EID readers! View video to see how Kingswood Mobile helps Derek Deane in weighing animals easily and efficiently.

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Kingswood Herd is an in-depth, PC-based herd management system for dairy/beef farmers who like to keep their own independent animal database. The database has the option of exploiting the various links that Kingswood has put in place with external agencies (ICBF, vets, factories, marts, etc) and internal farm equipment (milking parlours, weighing scales, heat detectors, etc). It works seamlessly with the Kingswood Herd App (see below).

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Kingswood Herd App is the most convenient way to update your management records on the go. The Herd App allows you to Synchronize information from your mobile device to Kingswood Herd on your PC – no duplication of effort!

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Field / Grass Recording

Kingswood Grass is our premium grass recording product for PC, available at a low yearly cost or can be purchased outright.

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Kingswood Fields is an App which runs on phone, tablet or PC. It focuses on compliancy records and key aspects of grass management.

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“The Kingswood system is working a treat. Weighing the stock is now a really quick operation using the EID reader, TruTest weigh box and then downloading into Kingswood Herd.  As we weigh all dairy stock under 2 years every month,this is a big help and makes life a lot easier for the staff involved.’

Eddie Jordan, UCD Lyons Research Farm

Farm Accounts


Facilities include:

  • Efficient entry of Income/Expenditure details
  • Farm Budget calculations
  • Online Banking Statement Download (BankLink)
  • Co-op Statement Download
  • Integration with Kingswood Herd
  • Easy transfer of data over Cloud to Accountants PCs.
  • Customer/Supplier Turnovers
  • Teagasc Profit Monitor Link
  • N.Ireland VAT requirements fully catered for.
  • Optional Extras include: VAT Analysis, Purchase/Sales Ledgers, Contractor-version. 

Report On:

  • Financial Reports: Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Enterprise Summary
  • Accountants/Audit Reports: Transactions, Cashbook Income/Expenditure, Bank Audit Trail, Trial Balance, Nominal Ledger, Cheque Journal
  • Management Reports: Costing Current Year, Cost Comparison Reports, This Year vs Previous Years, Cost Per Unit, Overheads/Other Income, Analysis/Products
  • Cashflow Budgeting: Monthly Budgets, Budget Year to Date and vs Last Year, Cashflow vs Budget – by Month and by Year

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Sheep Records

Kingswood Sheep Select Sheepware for Windows PCs.
For all sheep flock types: Commercial, Pedigree, Wool producing flocks and Dairy sheep.

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Kingswood Sheep App Select Sheepware for Windows Mobile Devices Android Smart-phones/Tablets., 
For all sheep flock types: Commercial, Pedigree, Wool producing flocks and Dairy sheep.

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“After giving up dairy farming we needed a beef recording program and Kingswood was recommended to us. It was very quick to set up. It is a very comprehensive program and easy to use. Gerry and the team are always quick to respond if you have a problem or question.  The online service is very useful, the ability to look up animals on mobile devices, and also recording events at the scene, and the integration with CTS is an essential tool. We quickly became totally reliant on the program. We save our data online, so even if our computer explodes (it does happen – we had a lightning strike!) we know our data is safe”

Clive & Jenny Littleton, Cornwall

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