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The VetLink facility in Kingswood Herd eliminates the need for you to record purchase and treatment details of medicines obtained from your vet. All purchases and their treatments – whether to individual animals or to groups of animals – are read in from the VetLink file quickly and accurately.

You only need to record medicine purchases from non-vet sources and treatments performed by yourself. Use Kingswood Mobile on your phone or tablet to record these.

Finally, Kingswood Herd has seven Bord Bia approved reports to help with your Quality Assurance audits. These reports are based on data taken in from VetLink files and from the Kingswood Mobile app. Kingswood Herd also allows you and the auditor to ‘drill down’ into individual animal records to check dates of treatments etc.

Veterinary Practices with VetLink Capability

VetLink Cover Sheet

“Kingswood’s VetLink makes it easy for me to match medicine purchases with corresponding treatments. Details of both are read in automatically and Bord Bia reports are generated immediately. Saves me tons of time!”

Brian Delaney, Laois

“I’m using the Kingswood Herd App for AI, Animal Remedies and Vet/Feed purchases. It’s great to input the records simply and immediately as the job is being done”

Pat Cahalane, Cork

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