Kingswood Fields


Kingswood Fields

Flexible and convenient way to update your field and grass records on the go,
Kingswood Field App allows you to:

– Record events as they happen including :
Spraying, fertilizer application and grass management.

– Look up record details including :
Field Recording Cards, Spray Usage and Feed Wedges.

– Use any number of phones, tablets or PCs – no extra charge.

– Unbeatable value – all for €100/year.

Are you a dairy, beef or tillage farmer under pressure to keep your spraying records up to date? Are you fed up doing paperwork at night! How about doing it beside your spreader or sprayer……in a few seconds …with your phone! Sounds good? Well Kingswood Computing has just launched a solution which is simple, convenient and cost-effective. Kingswood Fields is a phone/tablet-based App, which allows you record spraying, fertiliser and harvest events as they happen. No more need for paper records or PCs!

Kingswood Fields can operate anywhere on the farm (even where there’s no signal). However once you come back to the farm house/office, the data is safely sent to the Kingswood server for safe storage. Very little typing is required, as the App comes prefilled with names and PCS numbers of sprays, fertiliser types and crop varieties. Keying in a few letters of the name brings up the correct item. PCS numbers can be easily verified from the label as you enter them.

Reports can be easily printed for management or auditing purposes and the App ensures the farmer is fully compliant with all Bord Bia, Glas, Single Farm Payment and IGAS (Irish Grain assurance Scheme) requirements. The Field Record Card is a particular favourite with our tillage users. It generates a simple Profit Monitor for each field, giving the margin of crop revenue over the cost of the various field activities, such as spraying and fertiliser spreading.

For the dairy and beef farmer, there’s even some basic grass management. The App takes in grass measurements and generates a simple Feed Wedge. In addition it calculates Spring and Autumn Rotation Planners, in accordance with the requirements of the Dept. of Agriculture Knowledge Transfer Scheme. For the more advanced grass manager, the App can be used to link up with Kingswood’s sophisticated PC-based grass software.

Cost of the Kingswood Fields App is €100 per year (including VAT). Existing Kingswood customers can arrange for their farming colleagues to get access to a trial run on it. Try it and believe!

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