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Your Herd

Animal grid now gives easy access to selected animal records by performance and animal categories. Many additional columns – including breeding dates – have been added. The filtered records can be saved as PDF files or printed off, giving the user access to customised reports.

VetLink on Kingswood Mobile has been streamlined and made easier to use. No more emailing of files to a Gmail address. The vet now sends them directly to the Kingswood server. Missing animals or VPA numbers are easily sorted.

New two-way link with Agrident EID Reader, that allows farmers to create groups of animals, record weights and scannings (PDs).

Alerts – assign important alerts to animals on the reader. As animals are scanned this activates a pop-up alert on the reader. Very useful for delegating jobs to farm staff to get a job done quickly, safely and reliably.

Nutrient Production Report

This vital report allows users to predict Nitrate and Phosphate production in the year ahead based on expected calving dates and animal purchase/sales dates.

All the major milking parlours available in Ireland and the UK (about 20 in all) can now be linked to Kingswood Mobile. No more duplication of data entry. All of your national compliancy and parlour management recording requirements are entered once and transferred to the linked system. We’ve had this facility in Kingswood Herd for almost 30 years and it’s even better in Kingswood Mobile. You have access to your parlour data on any number of PCs, tablets or phones.

We also link to a select number of heat detection and drafting units.

Advanced Beef Management Module

We haven’t forgotten our many beef customers in Kingswood Mobile. A new module allows users to set up Feed Groups with specific feed costs per day. These costs can be updated at any point and animals moved from one group to another. Individual animals feed costs over their stay on the farm are calculated and a net margin over feed costs worked out.

Migration of herd data from Kingswood Herd

Thousands of Irish dairy and beef farmers have benefited from Kingswood Herd over the last 25 years. Kingswood have supported this comprehensive Windows software over the last 10 years in the belief that broadband services in rural Ireland were not adequate to provide proper farm management systems. That has now changed over the last few years. We’re now ready to move our customers to our Next Generation herd software – Kingswood Mobile on PC (or tablet) and Kingswood Herd App on phone, collectively to be known as HerdHub.

As part of this process, we’ve developed sophisticated data conversion software to migrate decades of valuable herd records from your PC up to the Cloud. Kingswood appreciate the value of this data and NEVER let their loyal customers down, especially in such a vital matter as herd history.

Kingswood Developments – 2021

New Dairy Dashboard facility in Herd App

An easily accessible Dashboard shows your herd’s vital statistics such as numbers served, numbers scanned positive and numbers dried off.
If you click on the tile showing the number, you can drill down to list the relevant cows etc. Make sure you’re on the current version of the App – available from Play/App Store by searching for Kingswood Herd.​ Then from the Main Menu of the App, swipe right to get the Dashboard.

Kingswood have been supplying Scottish dairy and beef farmers with herd & accounts software for almost 30 years.
We are pleased to announce that we are now fully compliant with the new ScotEID regulations for moving cattle and registering calves.
We met the 4th October deadline successfully and as one of the first farm software companies to achieve this, we look forward to expanding our customer base in Scotland. A special thank you to the staff in ScotEID, who worked so closely with our experts in recent months on this project.

Full compliance with new APHIS API

Kingswood have had a long and successful partnership in developing software for Northern Ireland dairy and beef farmers. The latest stage in this undertaking has been ensuring that the Kingswood system allows easy and accurate calf registration and movement recording with APHIS (Animal and Public Health Information Service) run by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

Kingswood Mobile (Herd App) users can now easily bring in Prices, Weights, Grades and Quality Assurance status from marts and meat processing factories across both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This information is used to generate Purchase/Sales Analysis reports and to help users assess the Quality Status of individual animals. This means more accurate management and compliancy information without extra data entry.

Kingswood have worked closely with Allflex and Saber over the last year to facilitate the transfer of data between the Kingswood system
and the SenseHub heat detection unit and the Saber drafting system. Again the key objective here is to minimise double entry of data and enable farmers to view information on multiple devices – phones, tablets and PCs.

Kingswood Developments – 2020

Two-way link with ICBF

Efficient and comprehensive links with ICBF are crucial for our dairy and suckler customers. Milk recordings, AI services and EBI changes are downloaded nightly to the App and Animal Events sent back to ICBF. Make sure you’re on the latest app version by downloading the Herd App from the Play Store/App Store. Click on Settings button and select ‘Link with ICBF’ – call us at +353-1-4596677 if you need help with this.

Cormac Tagging Ordering Facility

We are pleased to announce our new linkup with Cormac Tagging, Ireland’s leading cattle & sheep tag suppliers. This link makes it much easier for you to order replacement tags – directly from your Kingswood Herd app. The ordering facility is located in the Animal Record Card screen. Before ordering your first replacement tag, you must first pair your phone/tablet with the Cormac website – you can do this easily using our guide in the app.

VetLink & MartLink

These links have been available for some time in Kingswood Herd/PC. Our standalone app users can now avail of these time-saving facilities using Kingswood Mobile – the large screen version of our Herd App.

VetLink enables you to bring in veterinary purchases & prescriptions from your local vet via an emailed file. Over 90% of vets in Ireland have now the capacity to do this.

MartLink will be of particular interest to our suckler and beef customers. Bring in prices, weights and quality assurance data straight from the mart’s IT system. All marts in Ireland have the software required to generate these files – just let them know you need the files emailed to you.

Contact us at +353-1-4596677 to find out how to implement them.

Link up to Agrident EID Readers

Kingswood have developed and released links with a number of EID Readers. EID (Electronic Identification) will be the standard way of identifying animals for disease testing, milk recording and entering animal events in your Herd App.

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