So are you wondering How you can register a calf in less than a minute? No worries Kingswood Herd App will help you do it. By following few steps you can conduct a Calf Registration very quickly.

Now you might be wondering why should you conduct a Calf Registration!

Cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats’ movements are tracked using animal identification systems. These technologies are designed to convince customers that the food they eat can be tracked back to its original location. Users can utilise this tool to register the birth of a calf.

We’re here to assist you in Calf Registration as quickly as possible, and legally as per the legislation, which states that this must be done within 27 days of birth.

On the Irish/UK market, The Kingswood Herd App is perhaps the most complete herd recording app. Cattle movements, calf registration, and veterinarian documentation are all core functions that it performs effectively.

Let’s talk about some more features of our Herd App:

Dairy Version – App Features

  • Auto Generate Next Calf Number.
  • Scan calf details with either EID Reader or a phone camera.
  • Generate Calf Pedigree Name from your Herd Prefix.
  • Instant breeding summary at calving time
  • Breeding alerts e.g., get notified when calving date differs from expected.
  • Calf Registration with AIM, APHIS, and ScotEID.
  • Sire Advice from ICBF.
  • Service Stats worked out immediately.
  • PD/Scanning Results from ICBF.
  • EBI figures from ICBF.
  • Selective Dry Cow therapy incorporated in Dry Off report.
  • Milk Records – reports and individual cow record cards.
  • Breeding Summary when recording Services or Scanning events.
  • Links with Milking Parlours, Heat Detection facilities, and Drafting units.
  • Target Weight Alerts/Report.
  • Dashboard Herd summary.

Benefits of Calf Registration in Our Herd App:

  • Register calves with full breeding details
  • Link with ICBF for breeding and pedigree information.
  • Daily Live Weight Gain Report
  • Review herd reports including- Breeding Due To Lists, Weighing Reports, and Sales Planners.
  • Sync with AIM and ICBF- Sort out Animal Movements with AIM and sync Animal Events with ICBF.
  • You can keep track from anywhere
  • User-friendly & easy to use

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