On the Irish/UK market, The Kingswood Herd Management Application is perhaps the most complete herd recording app. It excels in the fundamentals, such as calf registration, cattle movement, and veterinary documentation. Kingswood Computing has two different versions of this application one for dairy & the other for Beef. As you try to incorporate new technology into your business, the word “application” may be often utilized. However, what is the practical, farm-based advantages of entering your herd data into the herd app?

Here are some of our clients preferred benefits:

  • This Herd management app will help you keep track of all data in a place-

You may easily integrate several on-premise data streams using the herd management app of kingswood so that your team can access them all from a single location. You may easily manage daily duties, keep an eye on animal behavior, see advice from your veterinarian and nutritionist, and assess milk output. Additionally, you may monitor the most crucial KPIs for your dairy using personalised dashboards.

  • Monitor your data from any location-

You may access your on-premise data from anywhere with the Kingswood Herd app. You and your team may still monitor real-time herd data from any location with an internet connection even if you are not physically present. With the help of this programme, you can compare and evaluate the performance, health, and total productivity of your herds in a number of different ways.

  • Team up with a large network of business associates, many of whom you currently deal with-

Linking up to milking parlours, drafting units, heat detection facilities, and more, bringing your herd information to your fingertips!

  • Reduces the time spent entering information.-

You may also benefit from Kingswood Computing’s established and reliable connections with vets, markets, and manufacturers, which will significantly cut down on the amount of time you need to spend inputting data.

Dairy Version: Features of the App

  • calf number generated automatically.
  • Use your phone’s camera or an EID reader to look up calf information.
  • Create a calf pedigree name using the prefix of your herd.
  • Instant breeding summary at calving time
  • breeding notifications, such as being informed if the predicted calving date is changed.
  • AIM, APHIS, and ScotEID Calf Registration
  • Advice from the ICBF.
  • Service Stats instantly sorted out.
  • Results of PD/Scanning from ICBF.
  • EBI figures from ICBF.
  • The Dry Off report includes selective Dry Cow treatment.
  • Reports and cards for each cow’s unique milk records.
  • When logging Services or Scanning occurrences, use the Breeding Summary.
  • Links to Drafting units, Heat Detection facilities, and Milking Parlors.
  • Alerts/Report on Target Weight.
  • Summary of the Dashboard Herd.


Beef Version: Features of the App

  • Faster entry of your purchase/sales information thanks to links with Marts and Factories.
  • APHIS and Mart Link files’ Quality Assurance status (NI).
  • Animal age, length of stay, and withdrawal status are displayed in the sales planner.
  • Automatically administer standard medical care to acquired animals.
  • K Mobile’s new beef grid (big screen app) provides information on beef with a drill-down to the individual animal level.
  • Report on Purchase Sales Analysis (including Gross Margin).
  • Report on Livestock Inventory (End of year livestock figures for your accountant).
  • Both N and P values were computed for the Nutrient Production Report.

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