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Kingswood Herd is an in-depth herd management system for dairy/beef farmers who are serious about their recording requirements. It exploits the various links that Kingswood has put in place with external agencies (ICBF, vets, factories, marts, etc) and internal farm equipment (milking parlours, weighing scales, heat detectors, etc). It collates this information and makes it available to the farmer on his PC and phone (with the help of its associated App).


Facilities include:


  • Register Herd info / Animal Remedies
  • Carry out Calf Registrations / Animal Events
  • Monthly reports on Livestock numbers and Nitrate production
  • Maintain traceability with Mart and Meat Factory Files
  • Breeding Records
  • Fertility Management – Sire Analysis
  • Milk Records and Analysis
  • Calculating Cattle Margins
  • Producing Livestock Valuation Reports


Report On:

  • Breeding
  • Movements
  • Veterinary/Feeds
  • Register/Calf Reg
  • Management
  • Animal Welfare


For more information: see a sample screens, download our brochure or contact us.


To see how Kingswood Herd can help Beef Finishers improve their performance view our Beef Margins Video.


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