Kingswood Accounts –

The ultimate cost control tool for your farm
• Easy to use input from cheque stubs
& receipts
• Pre-set Account Headings compatible
with Teagasc Profit Monitor.
• Co-op Statement Download
• Separate Enterprise Margins, in
addition to Farm Total Profit.
• Supplier/Customer set-up.
• Farm Budget calculations.
• Bank Statement Download

The ultimate cost control tool for your farm

• Easy to use Income/Expenditure Input.
• Extensive Range of Reports.
• Integrates with Kingswood Herd.
• Bank Statement Download
• Co-op Statement Download.
• Link to Teagasc Profit Monitor.

Additional Kingswood Accounts Options

• Purchase/Sales Ledgers.
• Vat Analysis.
• Contractor Version – Invoicing,
Statements, Job Cards, etc.

Kingswood Accounts gives you easy access to a comprehensive set of cost management and financial reports

• Enterprise Margins, Cashflow Budgets,
Cost per ha/litre/kg solids/lu
• Fully compliant Teagasc Profit
Monitor reports
• Accountants Reports eg Trial Balance/
Nominal Ledger Audit Trail
• Full set of Financial Reports inc. Profit
& Loss/Balance Sheet


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