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What Our Contractor Customers Are Saying

  • "The Kingswood Billing App has done away with the need to leaf through books checking jobs done for people. I can now have a customer's balance to hand at a moments notice - all from my phone. And good help is always just a phone call away!" - Padraic Spillane, Tipperary

  • “We’d be lost bookkeeping-wise without Kingswood Accounts due to the scale of our operation. We find it great for invoicing, tracking what’s owed to us and inter-year comparisons.” - John O’Flynn, Cork

  • "Kingswood Billing App lets me know where I stand regarding money owed. Can now collect cheques with confidence much quicker than before" - John J Clifford, Mayo

  • "We have been using Kingswood Accounts since 2005. We find it straightforward to use and it makes our book-keeping life a lot easier. Great for analysing income & expenditure, doing VAT and keeping track of money owed and due. Kingswood Accounts also has the facility to set up different enterprises such as Contracting, Tillage, Beef or Dairy. A record of all liabilities such as machinery balances, can also be kept on this programme and once set up, will show a reducing balance as repayments are made. Bank records is another important feature, allowing you to set up your bank accounts and reconcile each one. We wouldn't be without it!" - Máiréad Kiely, Tipperary

  • "Brilliant App! No more trawling through diaries late at night to find out how much I’m owed.” - Gordon Jones, Cork

  • "Kingswood's Contracting Accounts program has made our life a lot easier over the years. Thier new Job Card App means we're always up to date with invoicing and it saves us a huge amount of time" - Donal Browne, Kerry

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