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Herd Records

Kingswood Mobile is an App which runs on phone, tablet or PC. It focuses on compliancy records and key aspects of dairy/beef management.
For more info on Kingswood Mobile please click here.
Now with option to connect to EID readers! View video to see how Kingswood Mobile helps Derek Deane in weighing animals easily and efficiently.
For more info on Kingswood EID click here

Kingswood Herd is an in-depth herd management system for dairy/beef farmers who are serious about their recording requirements for their PC. It exploits the various links that Kingswood has put in place with external agencies (ICBF, vets, factories, marts, etc) and internal farm equipment (milking parlours, weighing scales, heat detectors, etc). It works seamlessly with the Kingswood Herd App (see below).

For more info on Kingswood Herd please click here.

Kingswood Herd App is the most convenient way to update your management records on the go. The Herd App allows you to Synchronize information from your mobile device to Kingswood Herd on your PC – no duplication of effort!

For more info on Kingswood Herd App please click here.


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